MAYER, Luigi.
Views in the Ottoman Dominions, in Euope, in Asia, and some of the Mediterranean Islands...

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London: T. Bensley, 1810.
Abbey Travel 371; Tooley 321; Bobins 151.

FIRST COLLECTED EDITION. 2 vols, large folio, list of plates, explanations of plates, 70pp, 71 hand coloured aquatint plates, in original green paper boards, paper labels to covers and spines, preserved in a modern green linen box. With leather title label to spine. Bobins bookplates. This work was the first to feature Mayer's drawings of Turkey. Mayer had studied with Piranesi and was employed for a time by the King of Sicily. He then took service with Ainslie in Constantinople.

Coloured plates in order:

Parts 1 & 2.

1. View on the Aluta.
2. Pera.
3. Terapia.
4. Mount Balkan.
5. Church and Convent of St. Mary.
6. Kaskerat.
7. Piccolo Bent.
8. Mosque of Sultan Achmet.
9. Ponte Piccolo.
10. Caravansary at Borgas.
11. Aqueduct near Belgrade.
12. Borgas.
13. Palace at Bucharest.
14. Kirkclisia.
15. Caravanasary ay Kustchiuk-Czemege.
16. Ponte Grande.
17. Ciala Kavak.
18. Eski-Estamboul.
19. Road over the Balkan Mountain.
20. Crater in the Island of Volcano.
21. Ancient Bath near the Fountains of the Palici.
22. Turkish Encampment.
23. Ancient Temple in the Island of Salina.
24. Dance of Bulgarian Peasants.
25. Ancient Cisternin Val di Noto.
26. Tchiurluk.
27. Ruins occasioned by the Earthquake at Messina.
28. Ancient Temples at Agrigentum.
29. View near Bucharest.
30. Crater in the Island of Stromboli.
31. Pitesti.
32. Entrance to the Convent of St. Mary.
33. View at Villa Scabrosa.
34. Island of Stromboli.
35. View of Constantinople (double page).

Parts 3 & 4.

36. Mosque in Latachia No.2
37. Fragments at Ephesus.
38. Mosque at Latachia.
39. Castle in the Island of Tortosa.
40. View near Tortosa.
41. Stadium at Ephesus.
42. Fountain of Serpents.
43. Ancient Aqueduct in Samos.
44. Grotto of the Nativity.
45. Part of the Grand Gallery of the Temple of Diana.
46. Church of the Holy Spulchre.
47. Part of Jerusalem.
48. Sarcophagus from the Tombs of the Kings.
49. Port of Latachia.
50. City of Bethlehem.
51. Monument on the Coast of Syria No.2
52. Triumphal Arch at Latachia.
53. Cathedral at Tortosa.
54. Chapel of Mount Calvary.
55. Base of a colossal column near Syracuse.
56. Ruins of the Temple of Diana at Ephesus.
57. Theatre at Ephesus.
58. Ruins of the Temple of Juno in Samos.
59. Aqueduct near Ephesus.
60. Temple of Jupiter Ammon in Libya.
61. Ruins of an ancient Temple in Samos.
62. The Island of Tortosa.
63. Western Harbour of he Island of Samos.
64. Monumens near Tortosa.
65. Tomb of Jeremiah
66. Monument between Tripoli and Tortosa.
67. Ruins of the Baths at Ephesus.
68. Monuments near Tortosa No.2
69. Temple of Solomon.
70. Monument in the Coast of Syria.
71. Interior of the Temple of Jupiter Ammon.